my migraine
Is it a Migraine?
Headaches are one of the most common afflictions, affecting almost 90% of the general population at one time or another. The vast majority of headaches are benign, and only serve to irritate one.
Migraines affect 15% of the general population, with the majority of migraine sufferers being female. Unfortunately, people not suffering from migraine tend to disbelieve the severe pain and debilitating effects of a migraine. This makes it all the more important to take a medication that will quickly and effectively treat the migraine attack, and return the sufferer to normal functioning.
If you feel that your headaches are starting to rule your life, go through the questionnaire. Select the answer under each heading that fits your headache experience most accurately, and by adding up the points scored in each section, you will be able to diagnose yourself.
You now have the tools to enable you to ask your doctor to correctly treat the specific headache type into which you fall.



never interfere with my life  



Sensitivity to light or noise  

I sometimes see flashing lights, dark spots or wavy lines before my eyes and then I know the pain will arrive soon  

None of the above  

noticed a relationship between your menstrual cycle and your headache?