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What to tell your doctor so that he can best help you
The most important step in your search for fast and effective migraine prevention and migraine relief is talking with your healthcare professional. While a growing number of migraine medications and pain relief, and pain management treatments are availabe, only your doctor can determine which is best for you.

In preparing to share information with your doctor, you may wish to address these questions:

  • What symptoms do you experience during a migraine attack? What migraine triggers lead to your attacks? Have your attacks changed in frequency or severity since your last visit to the doctor?
  • Are migraines causing you to miss work, school, or other activity?
  • Does your migraine medication help relieve migraine symptoms that accompany migraine, such as nausea and sensitivity to light or sound?
  • Does your current migraine medication relieve migraine symptoms within 2 hours of taking it? Does your treatment also get you back into daily activity within 2 hours?
  • Do you find you're taking more migraine medication or using it more frequently?
  • Do you have difficulty taking liquids during an attack?

Make an appointment with your doctor today to discuss your migraines and your current and past medication use. Your doctor can suggest fast and effective migraine prevention options that may work best for you. (Printing this page will help you to help your doctor.)
Is your treatment the best available option for you?

It's important that you tell your doctor how well-or how poorly-your medication is working for you. Doing that is easy with some simple questions.