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For most migraine sufferers, the consequences of migraine disability extend beyond personal pain and often impacts significantly on personal relationships and employment. Family and social interactions are also disrupted. In fact, the World Health Organisation classifies severe migraine, together with quadriplegia, dementia and psychosis, as one of the most disabling disorders.

There is a large lack of understanding amongst sufferers about what causes migraine and how it should be treated. For many migraine sufferers, managing migraine attacks with “over the counter” medication is not going to provide an optimal solution.

The informed patient consults a doctor for help and manages their migraine attacks with migraine specific medication. These patients are able to enjoy an improved quality of life.

The Migraine Patient Organisation was established in order to provide migraine sufferers with a source of information about migraine. Currently managed by the Amayeza Drug Information Centre, trained information pharmacists are on hand to deal with your queries and to offer advice about the next step in seeking help.

The Migraine Patient Organisation can be contacted during normal office hours on the migraine Help Line 0860 678 268 or alternatively, email with any request for advice about your headache.

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If you want to speak to someone about your headache or your current treatment for your headache, please contact the Migraine Patient Organisation on the Migraine Help Line 0860 678 268 or e-mail .
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