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EVALUATE Your Current Migraine Treatments
Migraine treatments have developed rapidly in recent years, thanks, in part, to a growing understanding of the genetic causes of head pain. Today, there are a variety of pain relief, pain management and migraine treatments available. Headache remedies have become more effective and faster acting, and many opt for headache clinics and pain management centers to achieve pain relief. Below is a tool to help you and your doctor evaluate your current migraine treatments:
Yes No Most times, I can get migraine relief and get back to normal activities within 2 hours after I take my migraine medicine.
Yes No In the past month, I missed some school, work, or other activity because of a migraine.
Yes No I have needed emergency or urgent care for a migraine attack within the past six months.
Yes No I have three or more migraine attacks per month.
Talk with your doctor
Speak with your physician, who may think that your treatment should be re-evaluated.

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