At the moment, the problem of scalp fungus is becoming more and more exciting. Some doctors use this drug:

According to statistics, almost everyone has had this ailment at least once. This is a real problem, as the fungus affects the hair, and therefore the appearance of a person.

Scalp fungus appears due to the following:

Weakened immunity.
Disregard for the rules of personal hygiene: the use of other people’s hats, combs, hairpins, elastic bands, and so on.
Scientists and doctors call the following symptoms of scalp fungus:

Deterioration of hair.
Purulent inflammation on the head.
Breakage and hair loss.
Dandruff in large quantities.
Redness of the skin.
The appearance of oval plaques with yellow or blue scales.
Scientists said that the appearance of at least one of the symptoms is already a good reason to consult a doctor, since their new methods of treatment are more effective at an early stage of the development of scalp fungus.

In this age of innovation, scientists have developed new ways to combat scalp fungus. They suggest treating the fungus with the following:

Antifungal shampoos. Keto plus, Mycozoral, Nizoral, Sebozol.
Ointments. Thermikon, Terbizil, Salicylic-zinc, batrafen, microspores.
Pills. Griseofulvin and irunin.
Scientists recalled that for different types of diseases, individual treatment is prescribed, which you can read about here. With microsporia, Terbizil is smeared with a thin layer on the damaged part of the head 1-2 times a day, and griseofulvin is taken orally three to four times a day. With favus, irunin is taken once a day for twenty-one days.

Scientists said that the prevention of scalp fungus with folk remedies will only benefit. From folk remedies, they allocated:

Applying eucalyptus oil to the comb and then combing the hair.
A mixture of teaspoons of garlic juice, lemon juice and olive oil. Then apply with a cotton swab to the affected skin, and then put on a cellophane cap and sit for an hour. This will relieve itching and redness of the skin.
Celandine compresses. Grind three hundred grams, pour half a liter of vodka, cover and leave for a week in a dark place. After cooking, you can make compresses.
Scalp fungus is not only contagious and difficult to cure, but it also interferes with a normal life in society. In this regard, scientists are constantly creating new ways to treat the fungus. They said that several more methods of treating fungi will be announced in the near future.